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Airinum is a Swedish company tackling air pollution on a global scale. We provide high-quality breathing masks for urban and health conscious individuals.
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Airmee provides a new last mile delivery solution. Whether you want to integrate Airmee into your webshop or simply book a local delivery today, we’ve got you covered. Airmee gives customers more – a great deal more – choice and convenience. Items when you want them. Where you want them. In as fast as an hour.
Formulate provides retailers and suppliers with AI based analysis of promotion performance. Contact us to learn how it’s being put into practice today or get a demo, we’d love to talk!
Hack Your Closet are a subscription rotation closet solution, disrupting the clothing industry at scale. Their mission is to reduce and reshape how we get dressed, driving a positive impact by extending the life of clothes.
Inex One
Inex One
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Inex One is used by the best teams on the planet to manage their expert calls.
Insurello provides a digital solution that helps customers find insurance payments. Insurello intermediates on behalf of its clients the communication and the processes of insurance companies in exchange for 25 percent of any insurance benefit.
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Karma is an app that connects restaurants, cafes and grocery stores with users eager to purchase unsold food at a lower price. For users, the app is an easy way to eat well, save money, and protect the planet. For retailers, uploading surplus food to Karma is an opportunity to reduce food waste, reach new customers and market through a new channel. It’s a win-win! Karma is fighting food waste globally and leading the shift towards a more sustainable society by offering a user friendly platform to both users and retailers, making it rewarding to rescue food. Great food shouldn’t be wasted!
Mediatool is an information technology services company which offers media planning tool, media tool, project management tool, and media management tool.